A New Dawn Arising

Valorie Farber, RH, INHA

What Is The "Universal Sphere"?

This healing modality, channeled by Holly Hawkins-Marwood, assists with aligning you with the "Perfect Universal Resonance", the inherent universal vibration of perfection, centered in the heart.  It allows for an expanded awareness of the connection you have and are with the Universe.  

The Universal Sphere can assist with aligning us to an expanded awareness of who you are.  It offers healing on all levels of mind, body and soul.  It assists one with living a more heart centered life and also allowing for a greater experience of peace from a greater alignment to Source.  I like to think of the Universal Sphere as a great "pick-me-up" and refresher.  It is a great complimentary maintenance modality to your regular services and for your ascension journey!

"It has an impact on the human form on every single level at which it exists:  the physical form, all the way down to the very essential particles with the human form and then extending on beyond that to the energetic realms, the realms beyond which the five senses exist."

-Ashtar, as channeled by Holly Hawkins-Marwood on 12/24/11

I offer distance sessions for the Universal Sphere for $44.  This can be done anywhere in the world and is just as effective at a distance as in person.  These are 30 Minute sessions where you lay down comfortably and relaxed with eyes closed.  Some enjoy playing soft meditative music and lighting a candle(s).

I also offer complimentary Universal Sphere sessions for pets and children.  

Universal Sphere