To Schedule a Distant Tree of Life Crystalline Activation, please click the link above that says "Schedule your Tree of Life Crystalline Activation."  Payment is due within 24 hours before your session.  You can click through the Paypal Buy Now button for payments.  A Paypal account is NOT required for check out.

Should  you desire a session in person, please contact me at to schedule that.  The fee for distant sessions is $111. The fee for in person Tree of Life Crystalline Activations is $222.

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is a channeled activation from the High Council of Orion, channeled by Holly Hawkins-Marwood.  It is a 30 minute transformational energetic session done with the Universal Sphere first, which is a 15 minute energy healing session. To read more about the Universal Sphere, please click here.

The total session time is 45 minutes with both modalities done consecutively.  

The Tree of Life Crystalline Activation is a one-time activation that is an energetic "overlay".  It creates a double-pointed crystalline structure in and around the human body to be utilized physically and energetically on all levels.  This is not a "passive" activation.  It is an activation in which the individual learns to work with the crystalline structure for creation and manifestation.

Prior to the activation, it is recommended to set an intention for that which you desire to create, align with, and/or manifest.  This intention is set before the activation.  During the activation, you lay down with eyes closed, comfortably and relaxed for at least 45 minutes and until you feel it is complete.  These sessions are done in person and/or at a distance.

Once the crystalline structure is in place, ongoing interaction is recommended for the most beneficial manifestation benefits.  This activation assists in greater levels of alignment with the positive aspects of human life.

You will be given a simple instruction sheet as well as an audio file/recorded meditation to assist you in continuing to work with the Tree of Life Crystalline Structure.  The crystalline structure may also be reprogrammed by you at any time with a new intention.  The "how-to's" are included in the instruction sheet that will be emailed to you.

Tree of Life Crystalline Activations 

A New Dawn Arising

Valorie Farber, RH, INHA