A New Dawn Arising

Valorie Farber, RH, INHA

testimonials & feedback


"I had two wonderful sessions with Valorie Farber....a Metatronia Therapy Session and a Blue Fire Crystalline Ascension Energy Session. They were incredible and very powerful! Valorie is not only very strong energetically, she is also very advanced and compassionate beyond words. I could physically feel her working on different parts of my body. You can feel the depth and knowledge of her spiritual connection and know you can trust her to assist you with all that you need in divine timing. I have worked with many spiritual teachers for their guidance, direction, and ability to assist in the advancement of humanity and Valorie is incredible, pure and clear! Please, if you are interested in advancing and assisting yourself be all that you were meant to be and to clear all that must be released and let go, schedule time with Valorie and gift yourself the self love and opportunities that can change your life forever!! Namaste, Carmen L. from Texas

-Remote Metatronia Therapy and Blue Fire Sessions

“Your healing sessions blow my mind; totally tripping out right now.  It’s amazing how my experiences during the healing session coincide with your email feedback.  The first session, not really knowing anything about what the healing session would entail, I felt physical sensations in the brain, kidneys and other areas that coincided with the areas that you were aligning.  In addition, all of your other feedback was right on par with what was going on with my life. I had the most profound healing experience from that session, much different than all the massages, acupuncture and chiropractic sessions I had in the past.  It was a deeper spiritual healing that impacted how I interacted with reality and my life changed (had the cloud of awesomeness over my head for a couple years after- not to say that life wasn’t full of challenges, but general life energy was positive). “

~J., San Diego, CA, USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy

"This Blue Fire session was amazing, I feel so clean and pure, pure light.  I will need to integrate all these high level energies, they are still going strong on the soul level.  Thank you Valorie. May Love and Light always be your guide. Pure Love to you always sister in the Light. God bless you."   "The quasar session was great,looking forward to another one."

~L.V., Illinois, Distant Blue Fire Crystal Session

"Thank you so much for your "gift" to me, dear Valorie ,  the valuable insight you received was very welcome especially at this time.
I felt the Sphere fill my brain and total peace and gentleness, cleared and filled my head.  I felt the clearing in my solar plexus heart space, and it filled my whole body.  What you described, it was beautiful.
Thank you so much Valorie."

~M.K., Australia  Distant Universal Sphere Session

"Wow Valorie, 

This experience was amazing!!!

...So glad I decided to just do it and trust in Self ;-)

I started crying when I read your notes...Tears of Joy.

...I felt an even stronger center within me.

...It felt like a celebration in my field.  So much love, honor, appreciation, gratitude for All involved in this process.

Feeling much harmony, very peaceful.

Thank you so much for being part of this.

You are so dear to my heart Sister...Love you!!!!"

~J.M., Idaho, USA  Distant Metatronia Therapy Attunement

"Dearest Valorie,

There are no words that can describe you Val!, or your wonderful loving Heart.  Beloved Metatron knew exactly what he was doing when he chose you to work with his mighty healing energy..."

~N.R., Colorado, USA

"I thank you from my Sacred Heart of my Creator.  I felt everything you were talking about.  Each and every part of my body tingled, I felt each and every time and place where the healing was occurring.  My kidneys, all those parts which were so needed to be healed.  

Tears streamed down my face, as I knew I truly have been touched by my I AM Presence.  I saw the Great Central Sun.  

I even went into the vibrational levels of energy where those who have past, came to me.  My most loved ones, even my Grand Parents on my Father's side which I never met.  They were all there with me.  I was even able to really forgive my mother and sent her great...Love from my Higher Self.  I saw my Father with tears and we spoke, how I really miss him and thanked him for loving me so much.  It's even hard for me to type because the tears are flowing and releasing so much pent up pain for me.  I was with a myriad of Archangels and Masters.  My beloved Jesus stayed with me, touched me and was also healing me.  Oh My... I am so grateful to Lord Metatron and you and all the healing that took place...

Again, tremendous tears just kept flowing.  I know that was a blessing for it left me freed from yesterdays.  I felt really free, to go to whenever and wherever I wanted to go.  All that pent up sadness, was washing away from me.  I know that my I AM Presence opened the door for me to receive your help and Lord Metatron's tremendous Power in the Light.  There is so much more to say...I will email you again when I've come down to Earth.  Thank you my Friend.  Love always and ever."

~Norwiska, Colorado, USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy Attunement, (Healer Level 1)

"I wanted to tell you how beautiful my Blue (Fire Crystal) Quasar Therapy was.  It is essential for Light Workers who are ascending.  I am so grateful that my guides led me to you."

~S.M., Colorado, USA, Distant Blue Fire Crystal Vibrational Alignment

"Wow...!  I felt such a deep, deep connection to the Love energies you're describing and Metatron.  I saw this heavenly mint green color and the blue colors.  The frequency was so pure I felt like my heart chakra was immersed in Source Creator Love and bliss.  I actually cried because I remembered these frequencies... it felt like Home.  I love you Valorie and I am so happy we crossed paths this lifetime.  Deep bow SiStar!!!  Xoxo..."

~L.W., Ohio, USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy Master Attunement

"Wow!  Thank you so very much Valorie for this healing and for the timely support!  Thank you also for your wise guidance.  I do feel that suddenly all the fear (tons!) I have been experiencing has lifted.  It was beginning to do so about 10 minutes before you began.  I look forward to more healing from you in a couple months!  I will allow this to "percolate" for a while. ;-)

Blessings for the holiday & the New Year!"

~S.H., New Jersey, USA, Distant Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing

"Hi Valorie,

 ​Well life would not be complete I'm feeling, unless I shared some of the situations going on in my life during the week following my session with you.  You suggested that I would either be high-energy up or very tired. The first two nights after my session I slept about 16 hours each night and then averaged about 12 hours a night for the next three nights. I guess it goes without saying that it is uncharacteristic for me to sleep that long. 

I have also been having insight after insight about expanding views of life as it relates to myself.  And, I have to say that the synchronistic connections with articles, with people came with such timing that it could not have been purposely selected, and that has been just amazing.  This week has brought the idea, "that we create our own reality" to a new and much broader understanding, especially knowing the importance of how we choose to perceive life generally in every moment.

I know that the energy session that I had with you played a significant role in the unfolding of this new seeing for me and so I sincerely appreciate you and appreciate your commitment to supporting those who are wishing to walk within new pathways.  This is but a synopsis of the new things that are showing up for me this week but tells the story."

 Thank you, much love and blessings,

T., USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy Session

"Wonderful session today filled with light and colors.... Body feels light and energized. Really enjoyed it. Great closure today. " T.A., USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy Session

"Hi Valorie, I felt the release of energy of my physical body and lots of color going on in third eye. I felt pressure on my back around heart chakra. I heard the words "be in joy and love." I loved connecting with you and I am really looking forward to the Metatronia Attunement! Love & Blessings
L.W., New Jersey, Distant Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Session
"Wow Valorie, Reading your notes brought me to tears...thank you so much!!! I felt it all...truly amazing. I am at a loss for words. " M.R., New York, Distant Metatronia Therapy Sessions

Well, what to say? :-)... My heart is holding so much love that at times i feel it almost hurts - it's expanding so much that i'm thinking... how much can i really hold? :-) - i've never felt like this before. I had a few profound joyful experiences for the past few days including a few moments with my partner - he felt something shift this weekend within himself - i guess when one changes the other one has to as well as it's all a 'dance', an exchange. I also clearly realized what brings me most joy and what is no longer serving me. The experience of time has somehow changed as well for the past few days - it feels like a month instead of 5 days, so much has happened! 

I am so grateful, thank you!  xxx

V.D., United Kingdom, Distant Metatronia Therapy Energy Session & Distant Attunement

"It is hard to put into words how simply amazing the healing work Valorie does. It is quantum. Her knowledge of subtle energy and higher dimensions is staggering, as is her ability to use and direct it within a healing session. She is uniquely designed to assist others back into a state of wholeness and alignment, which is the truest definition of “healing.” I have personally experienced her healing services and as have my children. I just simply cannot recommend this woman enough."

A.L., Wyoming, Distant MT Sessions

"Dear Valorie,

You're amazing. I felt your presence immediately. At times a flowing energy, occasional pinch (heart, left arm, right wrist I think), shifting of my chest which really got my attention. 

I believe I felt the golden light stream as well. Hard to put into words. Afterwords I definitely felt lighter. 

 I also realized I was breathing easier - a fresh wave of air seemed to be flowing through, as though I had been stuffed up before but suddenly was clearly breathing though both nostrils, and the air seemed somehow lighter, fresher. 

Afterwords I definitely felt lighter. 

 I also realized I was breathing easier - a fresh wave of air seemed to be flowing through, as though I had been stuffed up before but suddenly was clearly breathing though both nostrils, and the air seemed somehow lighter, fresher. 

What a wonderful experience. Thank you!"

Enjoy your day. 

 ~K.S., California, USA  Distant Metatronia Therapy Session

"Since having a Metatronia session with Valorie, I feel subtle energetic releases that also express physically.
I feel as if I have been "oiled" on several different levels--moving with more ease, feeling more pliable
and flowing with energy. I more readily recognize things that may get me off kilter and can catch myself and return

to a centered state, at peace with myself and knowing what really matters. In her communications with me, Valorie

displayed that she was able to intuit areas that needed to be addressed--again on both physical and subtle levels.

She has a generous spirit  and energy full of light and beauty."
-Jared Domenico, Distant MT Session 

"I have had multiple sessions with the amazing Valorie Farber and I really have to say how much she has helped me along my path. I have been channeling a lot of energy into bringing my own energies and vibrations up for many years. This also includes releasing energies that are no longer beneficial for me. Over the past year Valorie expertly helped me along to where I am today and I know I wouldn't be in the same place if it wasn't for her."

J.P., Distant Metatronia Therapy Session



 "Hello Valorie,
... this is really a different energy than anything i've experienced! I also felt a strong tingling sensation in my hands up to my elbows, and a general feeling of being safe...
  About what you sensed: Fear and feelings of Abandonment are 2 very big things for me, amazing that you picked that up! 
 I fell on saturday, yes on my left knee it was swollen but now it isn't anymore!! 
Thank you so much for the healing and to introduce me to this wonderfull energy!!
  -I.V., Belgium Distant Metatronia Therapy Session


 "Yesterday, Valorie Farber worked with my energy remotely through her Metatronia Therapy. I knew something was happening as I could feel it in my skull and heart, but I also was able to fall asleep because I was so relaxed. This morning I could tell there was a change. I woke up much to a more fluid, and light feeling in my physical body, a feeling of ease, flow and function. Thank you for your light, Valorie Farber.  Much Love, Terri
June 2012: "i experienced much release there after my session with you , Valorie. I have taken up riding my bike most places since then! so much fun!...i am feeling really good, something really changed for me after our session! thank you so much!" 

~Kate L, USA Distant Metatronia Therapy Session

"Valorie's healing abilities with Metatronia Therapy is unbelievably, off-the-charts amazing! I didn't know what to expect, and I'm so glad that was the case because it exceeded any expectations I could have imagined. I felt energy moving through me in new ways, slept very well for a week, and afterwards, felt like I was at a new energetic starting place. I'm grateful for her abilities and all she shares!" 

~ Molly M., USA, Distant Metatronia Therapy Sessions


"Hi Valorie, I just wanted to share my AMAZING healing session I had with you!!! WOW, the very first thing I noticed, was a shift in the energy around me felt very soothing, peaceful and my whole being felt like it was pulsating in a very loving energy that surrounded me!!! I was very aware of the different chakras being worked on during the session, especially the solar plexus!!! I was shown a lot of different things to eat and other helpful things that would benefit me greatly!!! I believe I was also shown the Earth grid, which I thought was so cool! The most important thing from this session is that it gave me such PURE BLISSFUL ENERGY!!! My body felt like it was illuminating in loving way with beautiful healing energy, felt very magical and such loving energy that was vibrating!!! Valorie, words cannot convey to YOU, how much I am so grateful for your gift of HEALING!!! It is wonderful, beyond words!!! I feel such love and appreciation for you sharing your illuminating gift with me!!! I will be in touch with you for my next session!!!! YEAH!!! Thank You BEAUTIFUL VALORIE, for sharing your incredible and loving gift with me!!! Much Love and BLESSINGS TO YOU..."

Molly L. , Distant Metatronia Therapy Session

​"I have had a very positive experience with Valorie.  I believe in energy and healing from a distance.    She sends me notes after our session.  I always make sure I am home and lying comfortably during our session so I can observe the sensations in my body.  What she describes is always rather close to what I feel.  I do not send her my impressions until after I receive her notes as to the flow of energy and what she noticed during the session.  It's amazing!" A.O., Distant Metatronia Therapy Session