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A New Dawn Arising

Valorie Farber, RH, INHA

Metatronia Therapy


I serve as an incarnated extension of Shekinah, the Divine Feminine.  In divine union with Metatron, I serve The One for the primary aim to serve all who are led to re-unite and align with their original Source Blueprint and Crystalline DNA Matrix.

This energy alignment assists in correcting the Metatronic Reversal polarized fallen matrix to realign to your original Source Blueprint.

It ignites and awakens the Spirit within and realigns the whole matrix, re-aligning belief structures and aligns to the Divine Mind of The One and the Universal Heart of Pure Love Source.   

Reunite with your Soul Song​ and eternal the flame within!

Metatronia Therapy re-aligns you, as an extension of Source energy that you are, to your original Source Frequency.  As well, as reintegrates the correct and Full-Light Spectrum of the Metatronic Consciousness within you and corrects the electron spin field, to return the human holographic matrix to pure positive energy.  This then aligns one to anchor and embody the Divine Light of the One that you truly are, within the holographic matrix of the human vehicle.

It aligns, corrects and unwinds the perceptions of the mind that has perceived the self as separated and fragmented, and offers an accelerated opportunity of re-alignment to consciously align to the truth of you, the Source within.


"This is not just "energy healing", this is Alignment to Source!"

~Valorie Farber

Some of the Benefits of Metatronia Therapy include:

  • Alignment to the Divine Mind (Cosmic Consciousness) & Universal Heart
  • Correction of the Electron Spin Field, to re-align the Soul to Pure Positive Energy
  • Metatron corrects the entropic mind matrix (isolated lower consciousness, Dissolving distorted thought patterns.)
  • Unwinds Guilt and Judgement, a "Return to Innocence"
  • Returning to Divine Creativity
  • Ascends Consciousness & Expands Awareness
  • Accelerated Ascension
  • Re-patterns DNA to ignite the Higher Vibratory Expressions of the Soul Blue Print
  • Self-Realization
  • Integration of One-Ness & Unity
  • Raising the frequency and vibration in the Kundalini
  • Raising Vibration of Life Force
  • Aligns one to become conscious of the Light Body and from there, to expand it
  • Freedom & Liberation Actualized and Realized
  • Chakra Rebalancing, Realignment & Clearing
  • Cleansing & Restoration of Aura & EMF (Electromagnetic Field)
  • Feelings of being "plugged back in" and/or "re-booted"
  • Ancestral Healing in the DNA/RNA
  • Re-Genesis & Renewal, aligning with the new Light Codes of Evolution & Regeneration
  • Releasing from Karma and beyond that, Releasing the idea of Karma altogether
  • Return to the "Law of Grace"
  • Frequency Modulation (this is liken to converting an AM/FM radio to a Satellite Receiver)
  • Inductive Linkage (Reception of Light Language)

Following Metatronia Therapy sessions, many begin to notice that many aspects of the self begin to alter, as your vibration and frequency are raised from the alignment.  Your consciousness ascends and your awareness expands,  aligning to the truth of you.

The shifts are often LIFE CHANGING!

All Energy sessions are done remotely (distance) in the Quantum Field where time, nor space is a hindrance.
I am currently offering Distance sessions for an energy exchange of $72.

The Therapy Sessions are painless, very soothing and very relaxing.  During your session, you will lay down with eyes closed for 45-60 minutes.  You may enjoy playing soft meditative music and candles during your session.  No alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or after your session please.

Following your session, please drink plenty of water to bring fluids into the body so that toxins can be released and to maintain proper hydration.

No phone or Skype is needed. Release from expectations, surrender, trust and be open to receive.  All sessions are completely confidential.
***Please note that times shown are Pacific Standard Time as I am in San Diego, California, USA.  
If you encounter any challenges with the online booking system, please email me at

​~Thank you and I look forward to joining with you~ 

This alignment brings transformation on many levels. This alignment will teach you much about your-Self, and release you from your false sense of separation, so that you can begin to resonate with greater awareness in Love, Unity and Oneness.

 A shift in energy may be felt sometimes immediately and is a process of unwinding and correction of distorted energy patterns. Self Love and patience is necessary to allow for these transformations to occur with the greatest ease, joy and grace possible.


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