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Package 144 Includes:  1 Energy Healing/Alignment Session of your Choice with Valorie &

a GoddessFold Activational Micro-Session with Maia Nortoomid

A GoddessFold Activational Micro-Session is a half page written/typed reading that will be emailed to you, that is focused on the divine feminine aspect of yourself. (This is regardless of gender in this life.)  The reading is overlighted by the appropriate GoddessFold.  (Although, Thoth always overlights Maia's Readings.)  For more information about the GoddessFold, please HERE

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Package 111 Includes: Your Personal Arc Name created by Maia Nortoomid & 1 Energy Healing/Alignment Session of your choice with Valorie Farber

What is your Personal Ark Name? It is five specific "vocables" and their corresponding symbols from the Alphabet of the Ark (of Grace) archangelic language that have been selected by Thoth for you and which contain vibrational patterning specific to your soul's pathing into the Metatronic-Christic spiral of consciousness. Here is a bit of what Thoth has to say about the Alphabet of the Ark:

Thoth: ... It is a specific Archangelic frequency pattern, with 24 main vibratory pathways, that aligns corporeal realms with the full-Light (Metatronic-Christic) spiral in a specific path of viability relative to the core essence of Metatronic consciousness... and this particular vibrational path of assimilation (the Alphabet of the Ark) was chosen by the Hierarchy for Metatronic consciousness to be returned to humanity. The Alphabet of the Ark is encoded in ‘Alpha-Logic,’ versus other fire codes which are encoded in ‘Omega-Logic.’ Alpha Logic is a pattern that interfaces with the evolution of human logical mind processes, and can therefore be presented in correlative human language forms whereas the Omega Logic interfaces only with Higher Mind principles incorporated in the soul and cannot be associated with any corollaries in human language expression.

You will receive your personal Ark Name and its corresponding symbols within a high resolution print-quality universal art template as shown in the example above as well as a lower resolution version for your computer desktop. This can be used in meditation, as a personal chant or mantra, on altars or in healing/meditation rooms, in sacred rituals, etc. These are especially powerful in group ritual and sacred process. I used them for a group I took through the Great Pyramid in 1997 (see more info link below). With your Ark Name you will be given a procedure to guide you in working with it as part of your ascension process. You will additionally receive some general info on which of the five levels that each of your five Alphabet of the Ark vocables falls within.

You aren't given personal information with the Ark Names as they are beyond words – they are signatures of pure energy transmission. It is up to you to be with it, look at your Ark Name template often. - print it and put it framed on or above your altar – or someplace you will glance at it format is provided for your computer desktop.

Now that we are past 2012, humanity and the Earth is connecting more directly to the “New Arks”. Your personal Ark template is a circuitry for you to connect more directly to the New Earth Star Arks of transmission and your personal Signature of Light.

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Magical Packages

A New Dawn Arising

Package 222 Includes:  1 Energy Healing/Alignment Session of your choice with Valorie & 1 Full Comprehensive Numerology Blueprint Reading with Amy Woods.

About the Numerology Reading with Amy:  During your session, she will identify for you, your numerical blueprint.  This will assist you in understanding the broader metaphysical significance to the numerical vibrations in your energy body.  This will validate who you are as a person and it can accurately decipher your experiences to date and Amy will delve into what is to come for you in your future.  Amy will also identify your gifts and your life purpose, putting you on the path for your greatest achievements and fulfillment.  This reading can profoundly affect your life in a positive way!  This session includes a 1 1/2 hour phone consultation and an audio recording of the session.  

To read more about the services Amy offers, please visit

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Package 333:  A Personal Seraphi Profile by Maia Nartoomid & 1 Energy Alignment Session of your choice with Valorie Farber

Your Seraphi Personal Profile will be determined by Maia through her Source Translations from Thoth. It will be placed on the Seraphi Personal Profile Template (shown to the left) and sent to you in a PDF file in email, which will also contain information on the Pymander Seraphi Personal Profile Program in general as well as your personal "Path Sequences."

Your Personal Seraphi Profile will include four Personal Seraphi Path Sequences as follows: Venus Path (Earth Guardian) / Earth Atoma Path (Holy of Holies) / Solar Path (Living Angelic Light's Home) / Galactic Center Path (Holographic Galactic Genesis Field). These will be expressed on the above shown Seraphi Programs radionics template like this example demonstrates: 4529.7639.8884.4444.

This is an art file that will be emailed to you. Some use it as a screen saver and/or have it printed out onto canvas. Other choose to print it out and charge water with it or sleep with it under their pillow to attune to the vibration of it.

You will also receive a bit of information on each of these Seraphi Paths, what it means, and information on how to best work with them.

For more information about the Pymander Seraphi Program, please click HERE

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