Valorie Farber, RH, INHA

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frequently asked questions

(and Other Info Pertaining to Energy Sessions)


"What do I do for and during my session?"

Answer:  At your scheduled session time:  Please lay down, comfortably and relaxed, with eyes closed for approx. 45-60 minutes.

Release from all expectations. Simply Be... allow, be open to receive.

I will follow up with you via email after your session if you have booked a session with notes.  

Feel free to contact me anytime at

"What will I feel during the Energy Session?"

 Some feel, sense, see, smell, taste, etc a great deal and some only on a subtle level, and everything in between. The key is to release from any and all expectations and let it be what it is for you.  Some sense subtle energy more than others.  Some are more open to certain sensory faculties & every session is unique.

"What if I fall asleep?"

Answer:  Many do fall asleep during their sessions.  Some initially think they fell asleep and then later realize that they entered a deep meditative state and/or were lucid dreaming, theta state, etc... Some recall things later, as "time" goes on.

Should you fall asleep, please do not struggle against doing so.  

In some cases, it is necessary for you to be asleep and assists you to be in a greater state of allowing. 

If you fall asleep, let that be okay and know that was right for you and just what was needed for you to fully surrender and allow.

"What will I feel like after my session?"

Answer:  This really varies and there is not a definitive answer that can be given as there are no exacts.  Some feel a great deal of energy the day of and/or days following.  This can last for days or weeks...depending on the individual.  Some feel more tired and feel they need more rest the days following and then may get surges of energy in waves. Some experience a great deal of physical healthfulness, wider range of movement, a feeling of being lighter, etc. Some experience a sense of Oneness like never before.  A new outlook on life and new perspectives and a lighter outlook is quite possible... Feeling more "connected", in alignment,  and an increase in conscious awareness and a remembering of spiritual gifts and abilities.  The energy sessions I offer, are often life changing and can catapult you into a whole new place of being, increasing your frequency and vibration.  I feel it to be an accelerated ascension alignment and allows for the opportunity to integrate our Truth, that is LOVE. These are programs of the Living Light from Source that continue working with other words, it is not "just" the therapy session and then "that's it". You will continue to feel shifts, alignment, clearing, etc beyond the energy sessions themselves!



There are many, many wonderful benefits and gifts of that result from these energy sessions.  The "results" and what can be felt and experienced afterword, vary depending on the individual and what each are open to & allow for.


How many sessions can I have/do?

Answer:    I do not "recommend" a certain number of sessions... I leave this to each individual to feel what is in alignment for you.  I do however, recommend at least 30 days in between any additional sessions.

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