A New Dawn Arising

Valorie Farber, RH, INHA

***Art by Maia Nartoomid  

Please note, when scheduling your appointment, times shown are Pacific Time in California, USA.

These sessions are facilitate remotely.  No phone is required.  During your session, please lay down with eyes closed until you feel the session is complete.  

I will email you following your session.  You are welcome to email me anytime at Healing@ANewDawnArising.com

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Blue Fire Crystalline Ascension Dynamics  

Blue Fire Crystalline Ascension Dynamics energy sessions are intended to facilitate the most cutting edge Ascension Light Codings.  While they do serve as "energy healing", more so, this is to facilitate alignment and "upgrades" to you of the leading edge Ascension Light Programs available to us at this time.    

Some of the benefits include:

  •  Alignment to the Metatronic Reshel Grid System, 144 Crystalline Consciousness and the trinity grid networks of the New Earth Star
  • Re-synchronizing the DNA to "Return to Source" Illumination of the inner flame within the seed crystals of the DNA
  • It will assist in realigning the mechanics of and to resume holistic reception and transmission of your Source Light Intelligence.  This in turn, realigns the molecular structure to the proper light geometries & re-maps and re-codes the vehicle programming to function in accordance with the new Crystalline Light-body template of the new Adam Kadmon.
  • Alignment to the High Heart (Divine Mind of The One)
  • Alignment to the Mother Ark and to the Monad/Oversoul

A huge aspect of the great shift and the ascension of the human vehicle is to realign the negative and repetitive thought patterning.  These are destructive and manifest as unconscious projections.  When aligned to the Divine Mind, this aligns you to RECEIVE thoughts sourced from the Source (unity consciousness).

These sessions assist with dissolving the fallen phantom programs that over time, have caused extreme distortions in the consciousness matrix.  These alignment sessions will assist in accelerating your consciousness awakening and expansion to the 144 Crystalline Grid and the Solar Christic Logos.  They repair the interfacing function between the holographic Earth matrix with the programs of the Full Light Spectrum of the Metatronic-Christos consciousness matrix.  

Some more of the alignments on the forefront of these sessions, for those that are vibrationally receptive, is the alignment to the "Layooesh Shekinah" Pillar of Light.  This is needed for transference into the New Earth Star.   

Alignments will vary and are dependent upon the individual's vibrational receptivity.

These alignments also assist greatly, in raising your frequency & vibration to optimal resonance to the pure love harmonics,  ascending you to align with, expand awareness of and to experience the holistic expressions of your Pure Love Source-Self.  

The  electro-magnetic field is also re-aligned, in order to alter the point of attraction, aligning you to your Universal Vortex.  This assists in dissolving entropic (corrupted/decaying) phantom programs so that you may realign with the pure Love Harmonics of your Source Energy Matrix and to align with & to manifest in accordance with the wisdom of your Sacred Heart, in unity and harmony with Cosmic Consciousness.   

These energy sessions expand your awareness to become consciously aware of your vibrational output and therefore, your point of attraction.  

It assists in dissolving fear of the unknown and 

to embrace the limitless potential of your Source that is open for you to receive. 

"Making known, the unknown."

"Let me be seen and known unto Hymn (Source Frequency) I AM."


During your energy session, we will join together in the Quantum Field, One in Source, to restore your vibration to the most optimal frequency possible and to facilitate the latest ascension Light programs that you are ready to receive at this time.

Sessions are facilitated remotely (distance) and are approx. 45-60 minutes.  No phone or Skype is required.  Time nor space are a factor when joining in the quantum field. During your session, lay down with eyes closed.  You may enjoy candles and playing meditative music to provide for a relaxing space.  Relax & Enjoy!